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Highway Work Zones: Safety Tips and Accident Awareness

Highway construction is meant to keep the roads properly maintained for safety purposes. However, sometimes this road work can cause serious injuries and even death. It is important to be aware of work zone hazards, the dangers posed by these work zones, how to remain safe, and what to do if you or a loved

3 Ways Office Workers Can Avoid Back Pain

Staying active can take a lot of time and energy — two things that many people never seem to have enough of. But by being inactive, you could actually be doing some serious harm to your body than if you were staying active. Back pain is just one example of how inactivity can lead to

Should I File A Worker’s Compensation Claim?

Work place injuries can be devastating, as the stress of being injured is magnified by crushing medical bills combined with not being able to work while you heal. However, this stress is not necessary. If you are injured while performing the duties and responsibilities of your job, you are almost always entitled to compensation from

What to do if my workers comp claim is denied?

A workers’ compensation claim denial can be gut-wrenching. Not only are you unable to work to support yourself and your family, you are also left struggling to pay for medical bills while dealing with your injuries or illness. Unfortunately, many legitimate workers’ compensation claims are denied for a multitude of reasons despite studies showing just

Will My Personal Injury Settlement Affect My Disability Benefits?

In the majority of cases, a personal injury settlement should not affect an individual’s disability benefits. This is not a hard and fast rule, however, as there are a couple types of disability benefits that could be affected by a personal injury settlement. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefits SSI is a needs based program, meaning

Damages in a negligent construction case

Negligent construction cases can arise in many different ways, although the most common type of case deals with an improper foundation.  An unsuitable foundation can lead to an array of problems, including cracking, structural defects, and even black mold. In order to prove elements of liability against a contractor or sub-contractor, it will be necessary

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