Shipping & Receiving Injuries & Getting Legal Help - African-American male and female engineers injured the accident

Shipping & Receiving Injuries & Getting Legal Help

Work Injury Lawyer Shipping and receiving jobs can be physically demanding, and accidents can happen when workers are handling heavy materials, operating machinery, or working in hazardous environments. In this blog post, our friends at Davis, Johnson & Kallal explore common shipping and receiving-related work injuries and reasons why someone might need a work injury

When Accidents Happen At Work

Work Injury Lawyers Many Americans work in notoriously dangerous industries. Others work in industries that are generally considered to be low-risk from a safety standpoint. Yet, it is certainly possible for individuals to be hurt on the job, even if they work in the safest jobs in the safest industries in the U.S. As a

Man is receiving an independent medical examination as part of a workers compensation claim

What Is An Independent Medical Examination?

Workers Compensation Lawyers An independent medical examination — or the IME as it is known in common parlance — gives an insurance company and their chosen lawyer the mechanism and opportunity to have a doctor of their own choosing physically examine an injured worker. According to Attorney Eric T. Krik, a workers compensation lawyer who

Winter Weather Driving Safety Tips

With winter upon us, many areas across the United States will experience winter weather events that create potentially hazardous conditions for drivers on the roadways. Depending on the severity of the winter storm, the safest option would be to stay home until conditions are clear enough to drive – but under certain circumstances you may

When To Take Action For Medical Malpractice

We want to trust that doctors are going to do what is the best for our health. But devastatingly, this trust may be broken when a doctor commits an oversight, mistake, or other error. We may have had a feeling that something was not quite right with what the doctor was saying or what they

Frequently Asked Questions Involve Breach Of Contract Disputes

Developing contracts is an essential component of any business, and because of their complexities, a Business Litigation Lawyer, companies recommend can help to ensure that contracts are clearly outlined for the parties involved. Large and small businesses require contracts because they protect businesses when they enter into agreements and help improve the company’s value proposition.

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