Accidents in the Workplace

Despite the importance to always follow the safety practices put in place where you work, accidents happen and no one person is exempt from accidents.  Accidents can sometimes happen, even when everyone is doing their best to stay safe. It is also possible to become injured due to the negligence of a boss, manager, supervisor

What is Osteoarthritis and How is it Treated?

Arthritis is a word that generally translates into “joint inflammation”. The rheumatic category holds around 200 conditions and diseases and about 53 million adults suffer from an arthritic condition according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. The most common of those ailments is osteoarthritis–a condition that degenerates joint cartilage and reaches the underlying

Differences Between Disability and Workers Comp Benefits?

Unfortunately, accidents happen all the time, some resulting in more severe injuries than others. When those injuries prevent you from working you may find yourself in a stressful financial situation. Thankfully, there are forms of financial assistance available for you to recover without struggling too much: SSDI (or better known as Social Security Disability Insurance)

What Is Not Covered By Workers’ Compensation

Most states are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance and it can be complicated and difficult to understand.  Although your company may carry workers’ compensation insurance, not everything is covered. Your Injuries In order to submit a workers’ compensation claim, your injuries have to be substantial.  For instance, an injury that just requires a little

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