What To Do About Discrimination In The Workplace

Employment Lawyer Many laws exist to ensure that you are treated as an equal in the workplace. However, too often people experience discrimination, retaliation or even worse, wrongful termination, despite there being protections in place. Often the only way to ensure that you and future workers are provided a safe and fair work environment is

Workers’ Compensation and Working From Home

Although the laws vary by state, workers’ compensation benefits generally cover full-time and part-time  employees no matter where they engage in work-related activities. This means that you can make workers’ comp claims for injuries sustained while working remotely. With that said, and as an experienced Brooklyn workers’ compensation attorney – including those who practice at

Construction Accident Lawyer New York

Construction Accident Lawyer Construction workers are believed to have the highest death rate in the industry, however within the plethora of construction specialties, roofers have the highest of those. This is because roofers face a lot of danger. Slipping and falling from a rooftop can lead to broken bones, broken neck, and other issues and

Worker’s compensation attorney in Brooklyn

Worker’s Compensation Attorney Worker’s compensation is an insurance that provides financial help for people who are injured while at work, and this is a guaranteed insurance that your workplace must have under federal law. There are a few exceptions, such as if a business does not have enough employees, but typically if you aren’t working

Car Accidents and Workers’ Compensation

Brooklyn Workers Compensation Attorney As someone who works remotely, you might begin to wonder whether you have coverage under workers’ compensation. It depends on the nature of your job, but in many cases, you would have coverage. For example, if you do medical coding from home, you’re probably employed by the company you translate for.

Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Long Island Work Injury Attorneys Getting injured on the job can be a difficult ordeal, particularly if the injury is serious enough to rack up medical bills and lost wages. Workers’ compensation is in place to provide benefits to those who have suffered a work-related injury, and victims often rely on those benefits to cover

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