Workers Compensation Attorney Long Island

Workers Compensation Attorney Long IslandWorkers Compensation Attorney In Long Island

When injured employees need a skilled workers compensation attorney Long Island offers, they call Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. at (516) 595-0106. Our attorneys are available to protect your rights if you have suffered a serious injury while on the job.

Did your employer or their insurance carrier deny your workers comp claim? Is your injury requiring more medical care and benefits than what they’re willing to pay? A workers compensation attorney in Long Island from Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. can help you get maximum compensation for the care of your injury.

How We Can Help

  1. A workers compensation attorney Long Island workers respect from Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. can help you with your workers compensation claim in a number of ways.
    We can communicate with the workers compensation board so that you don’t have to. If you have tried to work with them in regard to your claim and they have been unhelpful or denied your claim, you will not have to talk to them.
  2. To strengthen your claim, and in preparation for a possible lawsuit if necessary, your attorney can collect evidence on your behalf. A Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. workers compensation attorney Long Island victims turn to for justice can gather medical records, expert testimony, and evidence from the accident to prove the validity of your claim.
  3. When an experienced workers compensation attorney Long Island insurance companies respect is representing you, he or she is much more likely to negotiate a fair settlement than you can do on your own. Our attorneys are used to the negotiating tactics of insurance companies who make every effort to pay as little as possible to victims of workplace accidents.
  4. A Long Island workers compensation attorney from our firm can represent you at the workers compensation hearing and protect your best interests during the proceedings.
  5. If your claim involves a third-party for whom you are not directly employed, a lawsuit may be unavoidable in order to recover your accident damages. Your Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. lawyer can represent you in court to pursue the compensation award you deserve.

Third-Party Claims and Lawsuits

Our attorneys have significant experience in dealing with even the most complex workers comp cases. These often involve third parties who are not required to pay workers compensation benefits to someone who is injured while on the job. For example, if you are walking across your company’s parking lot on the way to your vehicle, and a delivery truck hits you because the driver was negligent, a workers comp claim may not pay your injury damages in full, or at all. The workers comp insurance company may insist that the delivery company pay for all or some of the damages. If the delivery company refuses, you may have to take them to court. After a review of your case, an attorney from Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. can determine if any third parties should be named as defendants in litigation or injury claims and represent you as the plaintiff.

Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C.

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Nobody does it better than this firm. Mark and his team truly feel YOU MATTER and make sure all is done correctly ASAP. Follow ups, call backs, you get treated RESPECTFULLY right from the start.
I had a case with Adam Rosen, of Polsky, Shouldice and Rosen. From the beginning they treated me right and answered all of my questions. They handled my case great and got me a nice settlement for my injuries. I would tell anyone to use them.

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