On The Job Injury Attorney Long Island

On The Job Injury Attorney Long Island On The Job Injury Attorney Long Island

What is Workers’ Compensation?

New York workers’ compensation is a benefits system that employers pay for so that in the event you suffer from a work-related injury or illness you can receive benefits. You could get hurt while on the job or at a work event. This can include accidents like slipping and falling or getting hurt in a car accident while out delivering for your job. You can also become injured because of repeated exposures at work such as carpal tunnel from typing at your desk or losing your hearing because of constant loud noise. An on the job injury attorney Long Island workers trust can assist you with your claim and ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled to. 

What Are the Benefits You Can Collect With Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation has a few basic benefits that you should be aware that you are entitled to should you fall ill or become injured while at work. An on the job injury attorney Long Island can help you understand these benefits. The lawyers at Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, PC have experience dealing with workers’ compensation claims and can work with you to ensure you’re getting the benefits you deserve in a timely manner.

Firstly, workers’ compensation will pay for your medical care to help you recover from an illness or injury that is caused by or while at work. Second, they provide you with temporary disability benefits if you lose income because your injury or illness keeps you from working and even permanent disability benefits if you do not recover from your injury or illness completely. You may even be eligible for job retraining or skill enhancement. Finally, workers’ compensation will pay for death benefits should you pass away because of a job injury or illness–this means that your spouse, children, and other dependents would get benefits. An on the job injury attorney Long Island from Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, PC can help you negotiate for the benefits you deserve after getting hurt on the job.

What Do You Do If You Get Hurt In a Work-Related Accident?

The first thing that you do if you have an accident in the workplace is to report the accident as soon as possible to your employer. Even when you feel fine after an accident, it is a good idea to report the accident. Your injuries may become apparent to you after the fact and you’ll want your accident well-documented in the event you need your medical bills covered or even temporary disability. You then should report your injuries as soon as you notice them. You don’t want to miss the time window for filing a claim or potentially have your claim denied because it wasn’t reported right away.

Returning to Work After an Injury

The majority of workers who are injured on the job eventually return to work once their injury has healed. New York’s workers’ compensation laws are set up so that the employer is required to cover the injured employee’s medical bills as well as a large percentage of their wages so that the employee can focus on their recovery. Unfortunately, many employers push their employees to return to work, often before they are healed and physically ready. The following are factors to keep in mind before you return to work if you have been injured. For more detailed legal assistance with your case, contact Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, PC to speak with an on the job injury attorney Long Island clients recommend.

Don’t Return to Work Until You’re Ready

Even though you may be feeling better and are anxious to return to work until your physician gives you the okay to return. If you do return to work before your doctor says you are physically ready, you could exacerbate the injury and end up extending your recovery even longer.

Be Honest with Your Employer

When you are ready to return to work and your doctor has given his or her approval, make sure to be honest with your employer regarding any physical or emotional limits you may have because of the injury you have suffered. By letting your employer know your limits as soon as you return, this will help eliminate any misunderstandings about what they should expect from you regarding your job performance. If these limitations have been ordered by your doctor, make sure to obtain a note from the doctor that specifies what job duties you are to avoid.

Can You Return Part-Time Instead of Full-Time?

If you are physically able to return to work but may be not physically able to return full-time, consider returning to work on a part-time basis until you are fully healed. In some situations, this may affect your workers’ compensation benefits, so it is definitely something you want to discuss with your on the job injury attorney in Long Island first.

Utilize the Services of Vocational Rehabilitation

In some cases, a person may be cleared to return to work, but their injury has left them unable to perform the duties of the job they held when they were injured. When this occurs, that employee may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation services. A vocational rehabilitation counselor will meet with the employee and through interviews and testing, determine other types of work the employee would be able to perform that would provide a similar salary as the prior job. In some situations, the employee may even be eligible for education and/or training benefits.

A workers’ compensation lawyer from Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, PC can help you with your claim. If you have experienced an injury or illness because of either an accident in the workplace or workplace conditions, you have a limited amount of time to file the claim. Call our  Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, PC to schedule a consultation with a Long Island on the job injury attorney. Our legal team can help you with your case, file official appeals, gather evidence, and represent your best interests. 

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