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Work Injuries

Don’t take a chance with your case – hire the right workers compensation lawyer in New York.

Workers’ Comp Law

A smart workers compensation lawyer in Brooklyn can help you understand the laws of New York.

Workers’ Comp Settlements

When you have had a workers compensation case in Brooklyn, NY, then make sure to hire the right law firm.

Construction Accidents

If you were injured on a construction site you need the best construction accident lawyer New York has to offer.

Work Injuries:

When you have been injured at work, you do not want to take the chance of filing a workers’ compensation claim on your own. Some of the most common workplace injuries are sprains or tears, slips and falls, and cuts or lacerations. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may be looking at weeks or months off of work and if you do not have a successful workers’ compensation claim, this can mean weeks or months without a paycheck. There are also less common injuries that you may be able to receive compensation for, including concerns about an occupational disease, a repetitive stress injury, and even a mental health concern brought on by your workplace environment.

Given that many fields will demand different requirements of you—whether it puts you in a physically or mentally stressful environment—you may find that you are working in a particular industry that is especially physically demanding. This can increase your likelihood of severe injuries, including head and spinal trauma. Especially in circumstances where you are experiencing life-changing injuries or would like to receive compensation for less common injuries (work-related mental health concerns or repetitive motion injuries), then reaching out to a lawyer you can rely on is the best next step for your case.

Workers’ Comp Law:

If you are hoping to file a workers’ compensation claim in New York, it is imperative that you work with a lawyer who understands the specific workers’ compensation laws of your state. Working on your own to claim benefits can increase the likelihood that your claim will be denied because you may be unfamiliar with the statute of limitations or which documents must be turned in. Many people are concerned that if they file a workers’ compensation claim, their employer will retaliate or that it will lead them to become fired. However, a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer understands that there are laws in place to protect your rights.

Additionally, if you would like to file a workers’ compensation claim and believe that your employer does not carry workers’ compensation insurance, this is another reason you will want to work with a lawyer. With very few exceptions, employers must carry workers’ compensation insurance as a means to protect their employees. If your employer is refusing to provide you with these benefits or has outright denied your claim, having a lawyer by your side can ensure you are protected and that your rights and injury concerns are put at the forefront of the claim.

Workers’ Comp Settlements:

One of the first steps to understanding more about the workers’ comp process is understanding the importance of the settlement. The settlement process starts with the employee filing a workers’ compensation claim and submitting it to their employer. One of the most important parts that will play a role in the workers’ comp settlement will be the injured party seeking medical help. Without a medical record of the injury, a date that the injury occurred, and a link from the injury to the accident at work, you will have a hard time reaching a settlement that is fair to you.

A successful workers’ comp settlement can cover different fees, including your attorney fees, medical bills, surgery required for your workplace injury, and even current and future lost wages. Your lawyer and your employer’s insurance company will separately come up with an amount that seems reasonable regarding your injury and, if the claim is successful, it may be paid out in a payment plan or in one lump sum. If unsuccessful or your employer choose not to negotiate with you regarding your settlement, you can speak with your attorney about setting a workers’ comp hearing in court.

Construction Accidents:

Becoming injured in a construction accident can mean that the injuries you sustained may be serious or even life-threatening. They could force you to go into a different line of work if you are no longer able to perform your typical work duties and they may leave you ill-prepared to continue providing for your family or enjoying your life as you used to. This is why it is so important to work with a law firm you can rely on when you are hoping to file a construction accident claim. One of the most important steps you can take when protecting yourself after a construction site accident is seeking medical help.

Your doctor will provide key information that may be the deciding factor in your construction accident injury claim. Your lawyer will guide you through the benefits and drawbacks of a workers’ comp claim versus a personal injury claim and can help you navigate the legal battles that you may be facing. Don’t leave the compensation you deserve up to chance. Working with a skilled law firm can protect you and your best interests when you need it the most after a construction accident.

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