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Construction Accident Lawyers New York

Construction Accident Lawyers New York

Construction Accident Lawyers New York

Working at a construction site can be dangerous, and if you were injured, you need the help of New York construction accident lawyers. For the average person, they do not think about all of the ways that they are in danger when they go to work every day. They clock in, they might be concerned about a meeting they have, or they may be wondering what their office is catering for lunch. However, when you work at a construction site, safety should be your top priority, and you are likely faced with the many dangers of a construction site when you step onto the property. Construction sites—even one that follows the safety regulations and guidelines—are still dangerous places to work because of the equipment and possibility of accidents. If you were recently injured while working at a construction site and are seeking compensation for these injuries, please reach out to the construction accident lawyers in New York from Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, PC to discuss how we can help with your case. You should not have to suffer from your injuries and pay for them out of pocket. Call us today.

What are common types of construction accidents?

Because of the nature of the work, most construction sites have heavy machinery and dangerous equipment. The New York construction accident lawyers know that there are many common types of injuries that someone can sustain while working at a construction site.

Falling Debris. Often, the work at a construction site may be on a tall building. Thus, some of the heavy machinery may be quite tall and many of the construction workers may be on high scaffolding. When construction workers are working above ground and at ground-level, those working on the ground are at-risk for falling debris. The victim of this injury may experience head trauma or may be crushed under the debris.

Electrical Injuries. Many times, a construction worker will work with different types of electrical wire or various equipment that runs off of electricity. If someone is not following the proper safety procedures or if the electrical wire is in bad shape, a worker could easily sustain an electrical injury. This can cause obvious burn damages, but it can also cause internal trauma and brain injuries as well.

Scaffolding Accidents. As noted earlier, many construction sites involve very tall buildings that require construction workers to be on scaffolding. When this is the case, a worker may be hundreds of feet up. If the scaffolding is not created properly, it is possible for scaffolding to break and for a construction worker to fall. Additionally, if someone you are on the scaffolding with is not following proper safety measures, their negligence could also cause you to trip and fall off the scaffolding.

How can the New York construction accident lawyers from Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, PC help you?

When you are injured at a construction site, you should speak with one of our attorneys as soon as possible to discuss the best way you should seek compensation. Many constructions workers can receive compensation for their injuries through workers’ compensation. However, depending on who is at fault for your injuries, you may want to pursue a lawsuit instead of workers’ compensation.

For more information on how we can help you after an accident at a construction site, speak with one of our New York construction accident lawyers now!

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