What Do I Do if the ‘Gig Economy’ Is Affecting My Child Support?

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As job flexibility becomes a priority for many Americans and companies continually look for ways to cut costs, the “gig economy” seems to be affecting an increasing number of families. For many parents, working “gig jobs” as opposed to a single full-time position is beneficial. This model may allow them to make their own hours, only accept projects they are passionate about and/or allow them to juggle more than one interesting project at a time.

However, the gig economy is not a stable one and can cause a great deal of financial instability. Seasonal work may pay well, but is only available part of the year. Freelance work can be flexible and fulfilling, but clients’ needs vary and there may not always be enough work to go around. And there are also far too many situations were Americans are working incredibly hard at multiple jobs but simply cannot make their ends meet.

If the financial instability of gig jobs is either causing you to miss child support payments or causing your child’s other parent to miss payments, it is important to know that you have legal options.

If You Are Not Paying Enough Child Support

It is important to seek a modification of your child support order if you cannot consistently make payments under its current terms. Simply failing to meet your payment obligations could leave you vulnerable to legal penalties. There are circumstances under which child support payments may be reduced and others under which payment schedules may be altered. Speaking with an attorney may help you to meet your child’s financial needs while also allowing you to remain current on your payments under altered terms.

Alternatively, you may be able to adjust your approach to how you are paying support. Voluntary wage garnishment would allow a percentage of every check to be taken out for your support payments. This option often proves helpful for many individuals who have a hard time keeping track of exactly when payments need to occur or how much should be set aside for them.

If Your Child Is Not Receiving Enough Child Support

If your child’s other parent works gig jobs and is inconsistent about paying his or her child support, it is important to understand that you have legal options. Child support orders are legally binding. As a result, their terms may be enforced by the court. If your child’s other parent is making a good-faith effort but just can’t meet obligations consistently, he or she may want to seek a modification. A modification may allow your child to receive necessary support but that support may be timed differently than it is now. If your child’s other parent seems to be simply negligent about his or her support payments, there are enforcement mechanisms available for you and your child.

Help Is Available

Whether you need a modification of your child support order or assistance enforcing existing terms, an experienced family law attorney can help. The gig economy is a potentially challenging reality for many families. You are not alone and legal solutions to your situation may be available. If you have questions about family law, call the offices of The McKinney Law Group for help with child support issues.