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When an employee is injured at work, they should report their injury, which happened at work and is related to their job, to their supervisor within fifteen calendar days. The only time the fifteen days after the injury does not apply is if the injury is something the physician must diagnose and upon diagnosis from a physician the injured worker should start filling out the proper forms and paperwork.

If you report your injury as soon as possible, the handling of your claim should be sped up. All required forms should be completed by your supervisor, and they can find these forms at the Department of Labor and Workforce Development website.

If your injury requires medical treatment, especially emergency care, then you should be taken to the closest emergency room. But you may have questions about how a doctor is selected for your care. This physician is an authorized treating physician from a panel that your employer will give you, and they will provide medical care required to help you return to good health and to your job.

Medical treatment for your work-related injury is provided at your employer’s expense. You should receive an agreement called an Employer/Employee Choice of Physician (Form C-42) which should be given to you by your employer, that indicates what physician is selected by you to become an authorized treating physician. If emergency treatment is required, the supervisor should provide the panel after your injury is stabilized.

You should request and keep a copy of your signed C-42 form for your own records. Should you not sign this form but receive medical treatment from a physician on the form, your workplace may consider that as you choosing to use this physician.

There are benefits that a protected worker is allotted such as receiving medical care at no cost to the employee, travel expenses to their medical treatment if it exceeds fifteen miles away, wage replacement (otherwise known as temporary disability benefits) if their physician takes them off of work or if your average weekly earnings are reduced because of your restrictions, you may receive partial disability benefits.

If you have trouble with your workplace paying for your medical treatment, receiving any of your workers’ compensation benefits, or otherwise are discriminated against, reach out to a worker’s compensation lawyer for help with your issue.

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