Damages in a negligent construction case

Negligent construction cases can arise in many different ways, although the most common type of case deals with an improper foundation.  An unsuitable foundation can lead to an array of problems, including cracking, structural defects, and even black mold. In order to prove elements of liability against a contractor or sub-contractor, it will be necessary

Premises Liability

Premises liability is the legal idea that a property owner is responsible for ensuring that their property has no unreasonable or unmarked dangers that may threaten guests or visitors. Examples of these threats include, but are not limited to, slick areas, tripping hazards, or falling hazards. When a property owner fails in this responsibility and

10 Most Important Deposition Questions to Ask in a Wrongful Termination Case

To protect employees from unscrupulous employers that might have a hidden agenda behind firing someone, federal and state governments have instituted laws that dictate how and why employers can terminate employees. If you feel you have been terminated under suspicious or confusing circumstances, you may be within your rights to file a “wrongful termination lawsuit”

Should I Enter into a Reaffirmation Agreement?

Reaffirmation agreements can be tricky, and to know whether you should enter into one, you need to get the advice of an experienced bankruptcy attorney.  In order to understand what a reaffirmation agreement is, you need to understand that there are two types of liability when you finance big purchase items like vehicles and homes. 

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