The Dos And Don’ts For Criminal Cases

If you are facing criminal charges, then you may have no idea about what to do and what not to do. This is especially true if this is your first offense. Having a skilled criminal defense lawyer on your team is important, but there are some basic guidelines that you should follow in order to ensure that your case goes as smoothly as possible. Following these guidelines, it can help your lawyer do their job effectively and quickly.

Here are some dos and don’ts for your criminal case according to our friends at the Law Group of Iowa,.

Do Be Honest With Your Lawyer 

Many people hesitate to tell their lawyers the truth or leave out part of the story because they are ashamed, embarrassed, or afraid to tell. Many also worry admitting guilt to their lawyer might end up hurting them in the process. You should rest assured that conversations between you and your lawyer are strictly confidential and that you should be fully honest with them. Lawyers are also bound by the law to represent the clients to the best of their ability. The bottom line is if you want your lawyer to do their job, then you need to start by telling your lawyer the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Don’t Engage With Law Enforcement Without Your Lawyer 

If you were arrested and law enforcement was doing its job correctly, then someone read you your Miranda rights. The first line of the speech is familiar, and it is the most important. The very first line is that you have the right to remain silent. And the truth is, you should remain silent. Say nothing to law enforcement until you have consulted with a lawyer. You will not talk your way out of being arrested, and you aren’t going to convince the police to have the wrong person. If you are arrested, politely tell law enforcement that you want to speak with a lawyer and they don’t see anything else. In nearly every case, the best thing to do is to not say or agree to anything and contact a criminal defense lawyer right away.

Do Show Respect To The Court 

In the United States, judges and juries are vested with enormous power. It is in your best interest to show the utmost respect to them. You should always attend court appearances on time and you should always dress to impress. Remember that earliest best and that you should never be late. You should remain calm, stand when you speak to the judge, and always refer to the judge as sir, ma’am, or your honor. Respect goes a long way and when you show character to the judge and jury and paint the picture of a responsible law-abiding citizen who simply made a mistake, it can go a long way.

Criminal charges are daunting and that is why we suggest talking to a criminal defense lawyer for more information.