Should I speak with a New York Construction Accident Lawyer?

Should I speak with a New York Construction Accident Lawyer?When you want to know whether you should work with a lawyer after you have been in a construction accident, you need to consider the accident you were in and whether the injuries will linger. Minor injuries that will heal on their own may not be worth the hassle of speaking with an attorney. If you go to see your doctor after the accident and they tell you that you have a long road to recovery and that you will not be returning to work any time soon, that should be one of the first signs telling you it is time to speak with a lawyer. If you believe that a lawyer is right for your situation, reach out to Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C.

What will they be able to do for my case?

Your first question when trying to receive compensation after your injuries may be this: should I speak with a New York construction accident lawyer? If you believe you have more extensive injuries, speaking with a lawyer may be the right move. You may also be wondering if filing a workers’ compensation claim will be the best thing or if a civil suit would be right under the circumstances. Speaking with an attorney can help you narrow down which avenue to take so that you can get a fair amount of compensation for the injuries you are suffering from.

If you have extensive damages and a very long road to recovery, filing a workers’ compensation claim may mean you are leaving money on the table that you would then need to pay out of pocket. 

What information should I have prepared before I meet with a construction accident lawyer?

When you are planning to meet with a construction accident lawyer, you want to have certain information prepared to make the most of your meeting.

  • Come with details of the accidents. Who was there? Where did it occur? What equipment was involved? 
  • Come with any eyewitness’ contact information
  • Come with any available medical records and the names and contact information of your doctors
  • Detail any conversations you have had with your employer about the accident

Speaking with a construction accident lawyer can help you determine what the best legal action to take is after you have been injured at a construction site. Want to speak with a trusted attorney today? Contact Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. now.

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