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Nassau County Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Nassau County Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Nassau County Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you have suffered from a work-related injury and need the help of a Nassau County workers’ compensation lawyer, call Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, PC. Not all companies focus on the safety and health of their employees. Some employers may be so caught up in making and saving money, that they invest less time and energy into keeping workers injury-free. Accidents can still occur even in the most well-kept and safe workplace environment. But, employers may be causing accidents that would not have normally happened, if they had firmly established safety protocols and addressed hazards right away.

If you or a loved one has recently been in a workplace accident and needs medical care for injuries, consider filing for workers’ compensation benefits right away. Then, meet with one of our attorneys so you have someone to ensure your rights are being protected every step of the way. A workers’ compensation lawyer in Nassau County, New York can help you with your claim.

How Resentment Becomes Retaliation

Sadly, if an employee was to get injured while at work, they may not only suffer from physical pain but employer retaliation too. Employees have a right to pursue workers’ compensation benefits if they are harmed while on the job, but many employers may do whatever they can to prevent this from happening or inflict punishments for it.

An employer may become resentful towards the employee for reporting an accident that ultimately costs the company money. The more severe the injuries, the more expensive this may be for the employer. What may start off as hard feelings can develop into outright unlawful retaliation. When this is the case, speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer Nassau County relies on as soon as possible.

Keep an Eye Out for Red Flags

Most employees hope that their employer will be supportive in the event of a terrible accident while at work. However, they may be devastated to find out this is anything but true. Our attorneys recommend keeping an eye out for red flags that may mean your employer is retaliating against you. Here are common examples of employer unlawful behavior, that may be actionable by law:

Why Employees May Not Report Injuries

The culture of a workplace may discourage an injured employee from pursuing workers’ compensation benefits. It may be unsaid among coworkers to hide injuries until they have become worse enough to need medical attention. However, by delaying reporting the injury, it could cause the employee’s workers’ compensation claim to be denied. If you are worried about the repercussions for reporting your injury accident, please contact a Nassau County workers’ compensation lawyer for advice. 

What Can You Do if Your Employer Refuses to Accept Your Injury Report?

All jobs have varying levels of risk to your safety. Many jobs, such as those you performing sitting in an office at a desk, pose little danger to your physical well-being. Others, such as manufacturing, construction or transportation jobs could consistently put you in harm’s way. Regardless of what you do, your employer has an obligation to have measures and regulations in place to keep you safe. Likewise, it’s your responsibility to comply with these rules and act wisely. If you’re injured nonetheless, but your employer won’t file your accident report, there are some important steps you need to take.

Speak To Human Resources

Anytime you are injured at work, you should first speak to your direct supervisor and give details of the incident. Include information such as what you were doing, where the accident happened, what time it occurred, how it occurred, and other necessary facts. Your supervisor should take this report and pass it along to the human resources representative in charge of handling workers’ compensation claims. However, if your supervisor neglects to do this or outright refuses to acknowledge your report, you should go straight to human resources yourself. Give the appropriate person the same information and be sure to tell him or her that your boss didn’t follow through or wouldn’t allow you to make the report.

Go To the Top

If would be a huge red flag if human resources were to give you a hard time about filing an accident report. The department should be your advocate and is here to provide you what you need to be safe and successful at work. If, for some reason, you’re still having difficulty making a report, you should speak to someone in upper management, even the president or CEO or the company, if necessary.

Hire an Attorney

There are various reasons why your company may refuse to acknowledge you were injured, but an experienced Nassau County workers’ compensation lawyer will make sure the right people are held accountable for your accident. A Nassau County workers’ compensation lawyer knows the correct steps to follow to ensure your claim is filed in a timely manner.

You should never feel unsafe at work, and you shouldn’t feel as though there are no avenues for help if you do suffer an injury. When your employer is making the workers’ compensation claims process difficult, speak to a trusted, reputable Nassau County workers’ compensation lawyer. This skilled professional will protect your interests and get you the help you need.

Our team of legal professionals has provided aid to many injured workers since opening our law firm. We understand just how complicated these matters can become. An attorney at Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, PC can offer guidance, insight, and representation during this time. Let us help ensure that your injury accident is being handled the right way, and that your legal protections are not being violated. Speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Nassau County today! 

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