Injury on the Job Attorney – Bronx, NY

Injury on the Job Attorney - Bronx, NY

When you’re injured on the job, it’s usually your employer’s responsibility to pay for your medical bills. Generally, this is handled through workers’ compensation insurance. You report your injury to your employer, then you are given instructions on how to file your claim. However, when your employer is uncooperative, you might understandably wonder what to do next. Thankfully, experienced Bronx, New York injury on the job attorneys at Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. are familiar with this situation and can guide you through your next steps. 

Why Would Your Employer Refuse to Acknowledge Your Injury?

There are many reasons an employer might not want to cooperate with you about your work-related accident. It could be that your employer may not have workers’ compensation insurance or maybe the insurance has lapsed. Although coverage is generally required by law, some businesses take the risk that they won’t get caught. Some employers want to avoid the increase in insurance rates that might occur if they file a claim.

Other reasons your employer may not want to file a claim is that they believe the injury isn’t severe enough or may be that it isn’t covered under workers’ compensation. Your employer may believe that your injury was your fault and isn’t covered. You might have delayed reporting the injury and your employer may feel that you cannot file. Although these reasons may seem valid to your employer, your employer cannot prevent you from accessing workers’ compensation benefits. As a result, you should consider speaking with an experienced Bronx, NY injury on the job attorney about any resistance you’re experiencing from your employer. You have rights and a lawyer can help you make sure you receive the benefits you’re entitled to. 

Even if you delayed reporting your injury, you may still be entitled to benefits. It depends on the rules in your state. You should always report an accident or injury at work to your employer right away. The best thing to do is to send an email or text to a manager to have it in writing that you did your part. If the employer refuses to acknowledge it, then you can take the next steps. WIth that said, some workers resist telling their employers about job injuries because they fear retaliation. If you’re struggling with this situation, let a Bronx, NY injury on the job attorney know. 

When an On-the-job Injury Occurs, Do This

Your first priority after an injury is to seek medical treatment. Don’t wait to tell your manager, just get to the emergency room or doctor for treatment. If you can verbally report your accident to your supervisor, that’s good. Don’t delay treatment to make a report. Once you are safe, contact your workplace and make a written report. Keep all records of medical treatment. Tell your doctor that the injury occurred at work and give them the employer’s name and information. This report can serve as evidence and your insurance company may help you get the situation sorted out.

Next, you can contact Bronx, NY injury on the job attorney so that notifications can be sent to the state labor board so you can file a workers’ compensation claim. If your employer does not have insurance, you may have to explore alternative approaches with your Bronx, NY injury on the job attorney to get compensation, but you do have legal options regardless of what your employer is or is not doing on your behalf. 

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