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Workers Compensation Lawyer – work place injury

Bristol TN Workers Compensation Lawyer When an employee is injured at work, they should report their injury, which happened at work and is related to their job, to their supervisor within fifteen calendar days. The only time the fifteen days after the injury does not apply is if the injury is something the physician must

Truck Accident Lawyer

Car Accidents and Shared Blame: How Is Negligence Calculated? When a truck accident happens, it can be difficult to recall the events that led up to the crash or to know which driver is to blame for the wreck. In some cases, more than one driver may be responsible and acted negligently. If you are

Should I File for Workers’ Comp Benefits if I Fear Retaliation?

Workers Compensation Attorneys Too often, workers who have been hurt on the job fail to report injuries and/or avoid filing for workers’ compensation benefits because they are concerned that taking this action will lead to some kind of negative consequence. Whether they are concerned that taking their injuries seriously will lead their co-workers to think

Basic Child Support Calculation

Parents worry about providing for their children. When splitting one household into two, the issue of child support can become heated. Considering that when divorcing, parents go from possibly sharing two incomes to trying to subsist on one, dealing with the financial ramifications of divorce can cause even the most even-keeled person to feel a

Child Support Myths

Workers Compensation Attorneys When a couple divorces and there are minor children involved, one of the parents will be ordered to make child support payments. If you are the parent who has to make support payments, you likely feel overwhelmed and have several questions. That’s perfectly normal because you are experiencing a major life change.

What Do I Do if the ‘Gig Economy’ Is Affecting My Child Support?

Workers Compensation Lawyer As job flexibility becomes a priority for many Americans and companies continually look for ways to cut costs, the “gig economy” seems to be affecting an increasing number of families. For many parents, working “gig jobs” as opposed to a single full-time position is beneficial. This model may allow them to make

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