Avoiding Falls From Snow And Ice On Construction Sites

Avoiding Falls From Snow And Ice On Construction SitesAvoiding Falls from Snow and Ice on Construction Sites

Every state has its own set of inherent workplace perils depending on the main types of employment and the climate and terrain of the given region and, if you are in the city, a New York construction accident lawyer will be able to help you navigate New York’s unique challenges. In many states, that peril is slipping and falling on snowy and icy footing. According to national statistics, more than 30 percent of workplace injuries are attributed to falls within the same level (falling onto the ground or floor from a standing position, not from a fall from a tall height). Nearly one third of all workplace accidents and injuries are caused by slipping on snow and ice. And, the colder and snowier the winter is, the higher the risks are of falling.

One of the most common worksites these slip and fall incidents occur are at construction sites. As anyone who works in the trades can attest, construction does not stop in cold weather. If you have been injured in a construction site slip and fall, a New York construction accident lawyer from Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, PC can help.

La Niña

The past few years have brought winter temperatures warmer than average. This weather trend has been consistent over the past 100 years. Coupled with jet streams and La Niña (cooling of waters), this increases the amount of precipitation that “rains down” on the earth. However, the temperatures in the winter are still cold enough that this rain arrives as ice and snow, leaving us with an increase each year of the number of bad weather days during the winter months.

This also means an increased risk each year of construction site slip and fall accidents and injuries. In order to reduce your chances of taking a nasty fall, a New York construction accident lawyer suggests that you follow the suggestions below when walking on icy, treacherous footing at work:

  • Walk more slowly than normal
  • Use slip-resistant footwear
  • Leave your hands free to catch yourself in the event of a fall
  • Try to avoid carrying or holding items, especially heavier items
  • Watch out for black ice

Employer’s Responsibility to Create a Safe Work Environment

While there are countless ways for an individual employee to take extra care for themselves, sometimes it is simply not possible to avoid an accident. This is particularly true when an employer fails to create and maintain a safe work environment. Your employer should make sure that all walkways surrounding the construction site are kept clear of ice and snow and are cleared as soon as possible after a snowstorm.

Additionally, inside must be kept clean and clear of ice and snow brought inside by construction workers going in and out of the structure other debris in order to ensure that their employees are not put at unnecessary risk. Only in very rare circumstances can an employee file a personal injury lawsuit against their employer for displaying intentional or egregious conduct and a construction accident lawyer for New York will help you best navigate the situation.

If You Were Injured from a Fall, Contact a Construction Site Accident Attorney Today

If you were injured on a construction site, you deserve the financial benefits of you are entitled to in order to help you heal from your injuries and take care of your bills and expenses while you take time off work. Talk with an experienced New York construction accident lawyer at Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, PC today for assistance with your case!

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