Physical Therapy Treatment After a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents can occur from a number of different situations on either someone’s property or a in public space. If you were the victim of a slip and fall accident and suffered an injury, you are able to file a lawsuit that would hold the tenant or property owner liable. Personal injury claims entitle an injured person to compensation for the sustained damages that occurred at the fault of someone else. To file a successful claim, there are requirements you must complete.

Obtain proper treatment

If you sustained any range of back or knee injuries from the slip and fall accident, a Physical Therapy clinic such as the physical therapy Rockville, MD (FAQ) locals turn to or pain specialists can provide the proper treatment needed. Not only is the treatment necessary for your health and safety, but you will also need proof of the treatment for a personal injury claim. Documentation of test results, treatment, medication administered, doctors notes and testimony and recovery are vital to proving a valid claim.

Provide documentation proving your claim

The same documentation is necessary in making a strong case. In addition, you should provide in your claim documentation of all medical bills, costs and expenses, so that you are able to receive proper compensation. Providing documentation of your conditions, symptoms and treatment is the only way to legitimately prove the extent and severity of your injuries. Doing so proves the damages, their costs, and thus, determines the settlement of your case.

It is important that the injuries, treatment and costs clearly reflect one another to be considered for fair compensation. Improper or inconsistent documentation can result in you being denied of any compensation.

Hire an expert to prove your case

Sometimes cases don’t settle outside of court, especially if parts of your claim are not deemed valid or legitimate. In such case, you will need to hire a personal injury lawyer, if you haven’t already. They will provide expert testimony proving that the treatment you received was related to the accident and necessary for your recovery.

Because Physical Therapy care falls under a slightly different category than hospital care, sometimes a defendant will try and prove the treatment as unnecessary. Physical Therapy care, however, is a considered by the courts as an acceptable medical expense in personal injury claims, so this should not deter you from a fair settlement. A personal injury attorney can help you prove that the Physical Therapy treatment you received is necessary for adequate recovery from the accident.

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