Differences Between Disability and Workers Comp Benefits?

Unfortunately, accidents happen all the time, some resulting in more severe injuries than others. When those injuries prevent you from working you may find yourself in a stressful financial situation. Thankfully, there are forms of financial assistance available for you to recover without struggling too much:

  • SSDI (or better known as Social Security Disability Insurance)
  • Worker’s Compensation Benefits
  • State Disability Benefits
  • Unemployment

In most states, employers must provide  benefits through workers comp to cover injuries that employees may suffer while they are working. This works to replace a personal injury lawsuit against a company. These injuries must happen while the victim is working. Disability benefits are provided to people who have experienced injuries outside of their job. Mainly, the difference is who provides the coverage: worker’s compensation is provided by an employer for a work-related injury and disability benefits are both provided for a non-work injury by the government. If you are in the process of filing a claim through  worker compensation and your employer is disputing it, then you may be eligible to receive some state disability benefits until your case has been fully resolved.

Is it Possible to Receive Both Worker’s Compensation Benefits and SSDI?

In certain circumstances, someone can receive both Social Security Disability Insurance as well as worker’s comp benefits. If you expect that an injury will leave you disabled for longer than a year, and you have paid a sufficient amount into SSDI, you may be able to receive both of these benefits. However, the Social Security Disability Insurance benefits may be reduced if you receive state disability and worker’s compensation as well. Usually, you are unable to receive both worker’s compensation benefits and unemployment benefits for a temporary disability. If you have been replaced at work and are still found unfit to go back by your doctor,  then you may be able to receive unemployment payments.

Should I Hire a Lawyer?

It can be difficult to navigate through the numerous different types of financial benefits and compensation opportunities after suffering a debilitating injury. It can be overwhelming having to do it alone, so you should consider hiring a disability lawyer Memphis TN relies on. They can provide you with proper insight on how to file a claim, how to get the most out of each benefit and if you qualify for both, and support you along the way.


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