How To Get Through A Child Custody Battle

A battle for custody of children can be one of the most draining experiences anyone can go through. Not only do parents worry that they will lose their close relationship with their child, but that their child’s wellbeing and future may be on the line too. Disputes over child custody are rarely easy, and there is no exact formula for how to win. However, as a child custody lawyer parents trust from the Law Office of Daniel E. Stuart, P.A would advise, there are strategies on how to get through a child custody battle while increasing your odds of a verdict you are hoping for. 

Many parents lose clear sight of the core of every child custody battle, and that is what will be in the best interest of the child. Parents may get caught up in who will essentially “win” the battle, but this can cause them to shift away from what will allow the child to get what they need to thrive and grow. It goes without saying that most custody battles are highly contentious, and take a toll on everyone involved. Even small children can feel the effects of what is going on, resulting in anxiety, sleep pattern changes, mood swings, and other unusual behaviors. 

Remember that this is going to be an emotional journey for everyone, and you must remain focused on your children and what will be ideal for them. If there is any time to give your child extra support and attention, it is now. Older children may be worried about the unknowns of the future, such as the chances of having to move, making new friendships, and being farther away from what they are familiar with. It is common for children to be worried that they are the reason for the separation, or that one parent doesn’t love them enough. 

Because every aspect of your life may feel as though it’s under a microscope, you have to be transparent with your lawyer about the situation and what you are going through. You may not be required to hire a lawyer, however, it is highly advisable that you do so. The other parent may hire a legal team, and this will give them insight into the process that someone without a lawyer wouldn’t know. You need to be aware of what aspects of your life may be scrutinized, and what aspects are going to be advantageous to your side. 

Getting through a child custody battle without a lawyer attuned to these kinds of cases, like a lawyer from the Law Office of Daniel E. Stuart, P.A., may prove more difficult than it needs to be. Parents can rely on their legal team for guidance, court preparation, filing of necessary documents, and more. At the end of the day, the court will be thinking about what kind of custody arrangement will be in the best interest of the child, and it should be the priority of each parent as well.