Car Accidents and Workers’ Compensation

Brooklyn Workers Compensation Attorney

As someone who works remotely, you might begin to wonder whether you have coverage under workers’ compensation. It depends on the nature of your job, but in many cases, you would have coverage. For example, if you do medical coding from home, you’re probably employed by the company you translate for. As an employee, you have protection under workers’ compensation. If you are a writer for that company’s blog, however, you might be considered a private contractor and might not have coverage. What happens if you’re injured in a car accident as a remote worker? In what case would this be considered a work injury?

When Are You On the Clock?

One of the factors that determine whether you would have coverage as a remote worker in a car accident is when you are on the clock. Say you are a door-to-door salesman, for example. If your company policy is that you’re on the clock as soon as you knock on the first door, and are off the clock as soon as you walk away from the last door, you wouldn’t be compensated for any accidents that happen on your way home from that last call. If your company policy is that you’re on the clock as soon as you pull out of your own driveway and off the clock as soon as you walk through your own front door, an accident that occurs on your way home might qualify for coverage. 

Are You at a Conference?

If you’re traveling for a work conference or other out-of-town event, you are often covered while on your travels. This means that if you’re in another state for two weeks, and you’re traveling between the hotel and a work dinner when an accident occurs, you could be compensated for it. If you choose to extend your trip for personal reasons, you wouldn’t be covered. For example, if you are out of state for one week for a work conference, but you take a second week off of work to go sightseeing, you wouldn’t receive compensation for a car accident occurring during that second week.

Contacting an Attorney for Help

Workers’ compensation can get tricky and confusing, but you shouldn’t just walk away from the possibility if you’re confused. Speaking with an attorney can help you to understand whether your car accident qualifies for compensation. As a remote employee, you are just as entitled to compensation as anyone else, so contact a workers’ compensation attorney today to get help.

When considering legal representation options, consider your locality. For example, if the work injury occurred in or near Brooklyn, NY, discuss your claim with a Brooklyn workers compensation attorney who is licensed to practice in New York. Ensure they have a record of success representing clients locally. 

When you hire a local attorney who specializes in workers compensation, such as Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, PC, your attorney will understand local laws as they pertain to your case and be able to serve you better than a non-local attorney.