Medical Help And Your Construction Accident

Almost anyone will tell you that one of the first things you should do after a construction accident is to seek legal help. This does not mean you wait it out and see how bad your injuries progress. This also does not mean you wait a month and then go to a doctor only when the pain is unbearable. The best thing you can do for yourself and for any workers’ compensation claim you are hoping to file is to head out from work after the accident has occurred and have a doctor give you a physical exam and run any necessary tests. In some cases, if the accident was particularly bad, you may not have a choice if you were taken to a hospital in an ambulance. However, if the choice is left up to you, a doctor can ensure you are getting the treatment you need.

What should I talk with my doctor about? 

There are usually two camps of people when it comes to getting medical help after any kind of accident:

  1. The people who see that they are clearly hurt and want to go to their doctor’s office.
  2. The people who do not think their injuries are serious enough to warrant medical attention.

Remember, if you are hoping to get workers’ compensation benefits of any kind after an accident, you will need to get a medical assessment. 

When you go to visit your doctor, you may be wondering if you should simply show up and get a quick assessment. However, you will want to inform your doctor that you were injured while working at a construction site and you will want to tell them exactly what happened. Did machinery malfunction and injure you? Did something fall onto your foot? Did an electrical panel shock you? Give the treating physician as much information as possible and explain that you are hoping to file a workers’ compensation claim and that you will need this medical information for your claim. As a lawyer, like a construction accident lawyer from a law firm like Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C. knows, getting your medical records is imperative when filing a workers’ compensation claim and can make the difference in insurance accepting or rejecting your claim. 

Don’t wait any longer if you are suffering from a construction site injury. Get the medical help you need and contact a local lawyer to see how they can help you with your construction site workers’ compensation claim.