Refusing A Case

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When an individual is involved in an automobile accident or any other personal injury accident, their first act should be to seek medical attention. What usually follows is that the same individual or their loved one may seek a personal injury attorney, like a personal injury attorney in Dekalb, GA, to see what legal options may be available in regards to pursuing a personal injury claim. While you and your loved one may shop around for the best possible attorney, the choice is not always in the victim’s hands. The personal injury attorney also has a say in whether they will take on a client’s case. An attorney has numerous reasons to decline taking a case, much like a client refusing to move forward with an attorney. No matter how strong you may think your case is, a knowledgeable personal injury attorney may review the details and determine otherwise.  It is wise to speak with an attorney as soon as possible because this will also help you figure out early on whether or not your case may be successful.

Below, we will discuss different reasons a personal injury attorney may refuse to take an individual’s personal injury case. For example:

  • Injuries may not be as severe as you think. In order for there to be a successful personal injury claim, there must be a substantial injury. Any form of injury should be the responsibility of the at fault party, however, not every injury requires the help of a personal injury attorney.
  • The statute of limitations may be approaching. With not enough time left to research a case, a skilled attorney may decline simply because they do not have enough time to investigate on your behalf and file a lawsuit or claim. Please note that it is best to speak with an attorney earlier in your case to avoid this issue.
  • There is unclear liability. If an attorney is not sure who to pursue for fault, or if they can even pursue someone because the incident is partially your fault, he or she may decline taking your case. If the incident is just as much your fault as the other person’s, there may not be much of a point to pursue a claim and a knowledgeable attorney will know this.

Just because an attorney refuses your case does not mean you should stop searching for someone to help. Personal injury claims are just as serious as the injuries an individual sustains. Do not wait until it is too late. Even if an attorney decides your case is not worth pursuing, hear their take before you give up entirely.


Thanks to the law office of Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into why an attorney might refuse your personal injury case.