5 Tips for Returning to Work After a Work Injury

Returning to work after getting injured can be tough. You might still not be your full self and wonder if you can still perform your job functions properly. However, if you take things slow and take care of yourself, you can make process a little smoother. Here are some helpful tips for returning to work after a work injury:

Don’t Go Back Before You’re Ready

If you have been out of commision for a while because of your injury, it is easy to get antsy and want to return to your normal duties. However, you shouldn’t go back to work before your doctor has cleared you. Going back to work too soon hinder your recovery and increase your chances of getting hurt again. Be patient and don’t return to the workplace until you are ready to do so.

Bring Documentation of Your Restrictions

If your doctor told you it’s okay to go back to work if you have light duties, you should ask him or her to put these instructions in writing. Bring the documentation with you every day to work. If anyone at work asks you why you are performing lighter duties, you can show them this paperwork.

Don’t Do Work Duties Your Doctor Hasn’t Cleared You For

Your doctor restricted you from doing certain work duties for a reason. Do not attempt to perform any of these restricted duties until your physician gives you the okay. If your employer demands you to perform any restricted duties, you should notify your workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible. You shouldn’t have to engage in any work activities that you aren’t ready to do.

Take Action if Your Employer is Discriminating Against You

If you notice that your employer is treating you unfairly because of your injury, know that you don’t have to stand for the type of treatment. For example, if he or she writes you up for refusing to do work that your doctor has not cleared you for, document it. If you take accurate notes of each time your employer discriminates against you, it can help you in your case. Be sure to show this documentation to your workers’ compensation lawyer.

Contact Your Lawyer If You Can’t Perform Your Job Duties

If you can’t do the work that your doctor has cleared you for, you should let your lawyer know as soon as possible. He or she may be able to have a different doctor examine you and prove that your injury is keeping you from working. There is no reason to perform certain job duties if they will just increase your risk of getting hurt again.

Things might be different at first when you return to work, but you will adjust soon enough.

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