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The construction industry is a major employer in the United States. Construction workers are the workforce for small builders as well as commercial developers. These employees are also subject to dangerous working conditions. In 2015, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) reported that 21.4 percent of private sector worker fatalities were in the construction industry. For workers’ protection, job safety regulations are in place to prevent construction accidents. If you would like to reduce the chance of sustaining an injury on a construction job, you need to know the following information:

Common Causes of Construction Injuries

A construction site can be a hazardous place to work. Even if you abide by safety regulations, you can receive an injury while you are working. Here is a list of common causes of construction injuries:

  • Falls from roofs, scaffolds, and ladders
  • Crushed by large vehicles and other heavy equipment
  • Objects such as tools and construction materials falling from high places
  • Defective machinery or electric tools
  • Hazardous conditions such as fires, explosions, and exposed wiring

Common Types of Construction Injuries

Injuries are prevalent at construction sites. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that four out of every 100 construction workers are hurt each year. This list contains some of the types of construction injuries:

  • Overexertion and heat strokes
  • Loss of extremities such as legs, arms, fingers, and toes
  • Muscle and joint damage
  • Respiratory diseases from asbestos and other products
  • Eye injuries
  • Hearing loss
  • Spinal cord and brain injuries

Construction Injury Prevention

OSHA requires employers to take certain steps to prevent construction injuries. Employers have to create a safety manual for employees. They must also provide safe equipment and tools for workers. Furthermore, they have to remove hazardous materials from the work site.

Construction Worker Injuries and Workers’ Compensation

Every state requires employers to provide workers’ compensation for their workers’ injuries. Workers’ compensation benefits prevent you from suing your employer. You can file a claim to receive the following workers’ compensation benefits:

  • Payments for medical treatment, rehabilitation, and prescriptions
  • Compensation for lost wages
  • Vocational rehabilitation if unable to return to job

Construction Worker Injuries and Civil Lawsuits

It is possible to sue a manufacturer for defective equipment. If you used the equipment, you may receive compensation for your injuries and losses.

Statute of Limitations for Workers’ Compensation and Civil Lawsuits

The statute of limitations governs the time during which one can file a workers’ compensation claim. There are also statutes of limitations for civil lawsuits. Each state has its own laws about cut-off dates for filing claims or lawsuits. Talk to a lawyer, like   trusted Glendale workers compensation lawyers, about your injuries as soon as possible to make sure you do not miss this important deadline.

Choosing a Construction Accident Lawyer

An experienced construction accident lawyer may be able to help you receive compensation for your injuries. The attorney is aware of the complex laws governing workers’ compensation claims and civil lawsuits. Here are some ways to find a construction accident or workers compensation lawyer:

  • State and local bar associations
  • Law directories on the Internet
  • Attorney websites
  • Referrals from family members or friends

Request an appointment with the construction accident lawyer you’ve chosen. Most will provide a first time consultation for free. Before meeting with him or her, have the following paperwork organized and ready to present to them:

  • Injury reports
  • Medical records
  • Hospital bills, doctor bills, and prescriptions
  • Copies of check stubs
  • Copies of any previous injury claims you have filed

Construction sites can be dangerous places to work. If you are injured, you have a short period of time during which you can file a workers’ compensation claim or a lawsuit. An experienced attorney should understand the complex laws concerning construction injuries. They may be able to help you receive the maximum possible settlement for your injury and associated losses.

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