Workers Compensation Lawyer

If you’ve heard about workers compensation before, you probably know that these programs can be very beneficial for injured workers — and also very confusing. If you’ve recently been injured while working, you might qualify for financial coverage through workers compensation. We encourage you to contact a workers comp lawyer from our firm for more

Common Reasons For Receiving Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Pre-existing Conditions Made Worse By Workplace Conditions If an employee has a pre-existing condition that is aggravated by the workplace, then workers’ compensation may award benefits to pay for medical expenses. For example, if an employee has back or neck problems that are worsened by sitting for extended periods of time, workers’ comp may provide

Who bears the legal liability for construction accidents?

Construction accidents are unfortunately still all too common which is not surprising given the dangerous machinery, large moving equipment, and opportunities for injuries. There are numerous work safety regulations in place through the federal government and state governments designed to protect workers in these jobs and many contractors also incentivize workplace safety. Still, accidents happen

Vaccinations & Religion

Debates over religious accommodation typically run into the difficult problem of slippery slopes where individual claims meriting individual decisions create principles that have wider implications. These debates find themselves in the company of a category of recent cases involving religious accommodation and vaccinations. The first comes from Michigan, where the EEOC is suing a state

Tips for Returning to Work After a Work Injury

Returning to work after getting injured can be tough. You might still not be your full self and wonder if you can still perform your job functions properly. However, if you take things slow and take care of yourself, you can make process a little smoother. Here are some helpful tips for returning to work

Accidents in the Workplace

Despite the importance to always follow the safety practices put in place where you work, accidents happen and no one person is exempt from accidents.  Accidents can sometimes happen, even when everyone is doing their best to stay safe. It is also possible to become injured due to the negligence of a boss, manager, supervisor

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